Thursday, 15 January 2015

20mm Greek Hoplites (6MMRPC Project part 4)

This is my 4th post toward the six month painting challenge. Already 2015 has been far more fruitful than 2014, and possibly 2013 & 2014 combined. Last week I painted 60 20mm Romans, and this week I have completed 94 20mm Greek Hoplites.

I added a counter in the sidebar to keep track of my progress, and as I paint different kinds of miniatures, I might break that down by scale with a running total at the bottom. How do you keep track of the minis you paint? Is there a better way of tracking my progress? I'd be interested in hearing if and how you do it.

Last week I posted a teaser of what's to come by showing this image:

and instead of posting a blow-by-blow account as I did with the Romans, I thought I would just post the completed models. It took me a week to do them, so it's a week's progress. Let me know if you'd prefer photos of the process and next time I'll take photos of various stages.

Anyway, on with the show. Here are the completed models all together.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The First Painted Legion of 2015

2015 has got off to a good start!

Happy New Year everyone. Welcome back, and it's good to see you again. I hope you had a fine holiday, full of fun, festivities, and food. :)

The last half of 2014 didn't see me do a lot of painting, and I joined the 6 month mountain reduction painting challenge in an effort to work myself a bit harder. Well, as you may know, life got in the way, and I even cut down on the wargaming I was doing.

But all that's behind me now, and 2015 looks far brighter--not just because it's sunny on the other side of the windows.

Over the last few days I have completed several 1/72 plastic Romans, so thought I'd post a step-by-step photos. They're very simple flat colour paint jobs and coated with Army Painter Quickshade (breathe) Dark Tone. Yeah, it's a mouthful, but it's great stuff. Lacquer and shade all in one. Unfortunately it's gloss, but I figure I'll either buy a dullcote spray, or just not care. Possibly leaning toward the latter. :) They do look pretty good on the table at arm length--far better than the Warmaster Undead did, but those were smaller and had less variety in their colour scheme.

The Romans look pretty good.

So without further ado, here's stage one: undercoating. I know, stop the presses. It only gets more exciting from here.