Saturday, 9 October 2021

[WIP] 10mm Chaos - Warmaster/Kings of War

I think I mentioned that I'd been working on some Warmaster Chaos minis, or was going to.

Recently, I glued some original Warmaster Chaos minis (gifted by my good and generous friend B.) to some coffee stirring sticks and started painting them.

Yes, you'll see evidence of another commission in progress. Labyrinth minis from the boardgame. Ludo, Hoggle, Sarah, and Jareth (almost done). More on them in a future episode. :)

And the other day, some 3D printed minis arrived. I ordered them (and another as yet unarrived lot) and a day later I realised I needed my own 3D printer. :)

These are Forest Dragon Chaos warrior minis, including some Chaos Lords and Chaos Sorcerers. I won't say who I ordered them from because they were badly packaged, the box they were packaged in was very thin and cheap and was crushed. And the minis, which were very small with a lot of fragile pointy things sticking out, took some casualties. The sender just threw each lot into a plastic bag. 

All I'll say is they were from an Etsy store and the seller was in Poland.

I'm not too happy with it, but in general, enough survived that they are usable, and now that I have a 3D printer I will print some of my own in the future.


Sticks and hot-glue guns

In regard to gluing them to sticks, the metal minis I would usually superglue, and plastic minis I would use PVA. Of course the PVA would have to be left over night to cure, and then any that didn't stick properly would have to be re-glued and left for another day.

Well, today I found a page where the fellow said he used a hot glue gun. Of course! Duh! I wasn't sure if they'd work with the resin, but they did. And I don't think they'll be a problem coming off when finished. As you can see above, a couple came off when I was finishing off the undercoat, and they came off cleanly.

And guess what? They only take minutes to cure!

Amazing the obvious things that are never so obvious. haha

On basing and rulesets

The other thing I now have to consider is how to base them. I'm not sure if I'll be playing Warmaster again--or at least that often. That depends on how Kings of War turns out.

But the Warmaster community who produce the wonderful Warmaster Revolution rules (that I even have an editing credit in), have now set up a Warmaster Rules Committee and they vote on changes and modifications to the rules.

Now I'm of two minds about this. First I thought: great! I can have more of an active involvement in my favourite ruleset! And then I thought about it and thought about other things that are decided by committee, and I am now having misgivings.

Now I don't know this committee and these fine folk, and my speculation and caution comes solely from prior experience with other committees, so it's entirely possible I'm way off the mark here.

On one hand, having a committee is a good idea and it means that the ruleset is going to be constantly updated with some oversight, and not just ad-hoc updates as can happen with things on the Internet.

But I got to talking to my friend Jackstorm, and we realised that Warmaster is a set of rules that even in its original form, we were constantly having to look things up in the rulebook. Even when we were playing it every weekend, there was still the need to look up rules and clarifications. And that I think is partly indicative of our diminishing cranial capacity in our old age, and partly the nature of Games Workshop rulesets.

So I'm hoping that KoW makes life simpler for us. 

And to that end, I was trying to decide how to base the new figures. There seem to be two trains of thought. One, suitable for 10/15mm, is just to halve the 32mm base sizes and use cm instead of inches for all movement and distances.

Another train of thought seems more compatible with Warmaster as described in this post:8

KoW in 10mm: Teensy Kings of War

Basically, a troop is equivalent to 1 Warmaster base, a regiment is 2 deep, a horde is 2 wide and 2 deep, and a legion is 2 wide, 3 deep.

And they leave the distances in inches.

What are your thoughts? Have you played Kings of War (full scale or in miniature)? How did you deal with basing, or how would you if given the opportunity?

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